Cigar-shaped UFO with small UFOs around – Clayville, New York – 1-Oct-2020


This cigar-shaped UFO with some kind of a drones flying around was filmed over Clayville in New York on Thursday, 1st October 2020. It was published on MUFON website today.

What do you think about this footage? Real or just a CGI?

Witness report: A low humming sound can be heard in the audio with certain speakers. Also the baby says uh oh before the ufo flew away.

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Your opinion?
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  1. Wow, now thats a video. Its always good to pull right back and capture some perspective, trees, houses whatever. Nice steady camera work though.

  2. Anybody filming something like that would have said SOMETHING, either a “WTF!!” or a “WOW!” or even a gasp. Background sounds seem to be dubbed in. It looks like CGI to me.

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