Daytime UFO Sighting: Multiple objects over Brush Prairie, Washington 27-Sep-2020

Strange daytime UFO sighting was seen and filmed in the sky above Brush Prairie in Washington. This happened on 27th September 2020.

Witness report: Multiple of something seen in the middle of a completely clear day. I don’t know what to even call this. UFO? Maybe a weird weather anomaly? All I know is it was a lot of something that appeared to be clouds at first. Except there were zero clouds in the sky on this day. My son and I were laying on the hammock doing some homeschooling and watching the planes fly by. Something caught my eye so I started recording. It looked like little orbs of energy floating along but once I zoomed in I could clearly see different directions and speeds of them. They would also just disappear from view. I’ve asked a lot of really smart people what they think (even some pilots) with no good answers. Everyone says the same thing “weird”. We have exhausted all other ideas, bugs, birds, ball lightening, geomagnetic storm…Im still at a loss and more curious than ever.

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  1. Pretty cool that people are posting videos. What I dont understand is how all the sudden there are so many posted. It seems the more that are posted, the less people give a crap. I also have messaged this site several times attempting to get them to share footage I have that is unlike any other and there have yet to respond. I HAVE FOOTAGE FROM AND SHOT BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS, WHERE THEY ARE ABDUCTING AND DOING SOME TYPE OF EXPERIMENT ON A HUMAN!!!! ANYONE LOOKING FOR PROOF/INFORMATION AND NOT JUST HERE FOR ENTERTAINMENT MESSAGE ME AT By the way, footage shown here is of government back engineered UFOS being tested.

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