Spectacular TR-3B UFO filmed over New York Mills 5-Oct-2020

This interesting footage of a possible TR-3B (triangle- UFO) was filmed over New York Mills, a village in Oneida County, New York, USA. Filmed on 5th October 2020.

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    • TR 3B my ass! This is exactly what was seen in the skies over Belgium 30 years ago and I don’t think we had the TR3B at that time if we even have it presently. If it’s such a secret Black Budget project why do so many people know about it? Why aren’t they flying it over Area 51 instead of highways and supermarket parking lots. Could you imagine if a TR3B crashed in a residential area the lawsuits, not to mention there goes the “Secret” they don’t want the Russkies to know about.

      • FOOL,this is exactly what they want u to think,the US have had the tr3b since the early 70s.And yes it’s home base is area 51,why else would they build a hanger half a mile wide?I mean they have 24 hangers already.

  1. Don’t know about this, since there was a noise like an airplane would make, and a lot of the time there is no noise coming from the craft?

  2. Saw one just like this East of Queen Creek Arizona. Since Sept.26th 2020. They just hover for hours. I have video with my not so great camera, every night!

  3. I think quite a few are getting carried away with this TR3B nonsense and black ops bullshit..Still needing tons of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen to get a rocket into space, yet claiming they own this black triangle technology? Nasa’s technology hasn’t moved since early space adventures in the 60’s, it’s totally stagnated until another way of space travel and launch is found..

  4. In the world of cheap drones and the easy way they can be modified, videos, especially short videos like this with tight camera shots, do little to sway public opinion. Even if it’s truly authentic, it can be too easily replicated, which is unfortunate.

  5. I saw one just like it in Ohio over Interstate I71 near Mt. Vernon, this was low flying and did not have sound, circular blue and orange lite on bottom very bright, why did the lite have to be so bright if they were from another world? but I saw what I saw and it was only about 200 feet high so I got a good look.

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