Bright UFO filmed over Rancho Cucamonga, California 22-Nov-2020

This bright UFO was caught on tape during daytime over Rancho Cucamonga, California on 22nd November 2020.

Witness report: Light-Bulb Shaped Craft & Blinking Companion Appear, Move, & Hover. While sitting outside in my courtyard, I looked up into the sky and saw what looked like, to my naked eye, a white orb moving very slowly from northeast to northwest. I was on video chat with a friend and told her to wait while I got my partner from inside the house so he could also see and witness it, which he did. I tried taking photos of it with my cellphone (Samsung Galaxy S10), but it was too far away to see clearly. I took several videos of it, as well, zoomed in as much as I could. The quality isn’t great, but I have videos to share. At one point, a second white orb appeared directly below the first and they moved in tandem, very slowly, across the sky from east to west. The 2nd, lower orb flickered in and out. Eventually, it moved into some clouds and I either lost it or it disappeared. The original orb remained where it was, hovering, for at least 45 minutes. While I was getting video of this, I had my partner go back into the house and get my binoculars. With these, I was able to see that it had definite structure. Initially, it looked quite a bit like a lightbulb, with a larger, rounded top and then a bit rectangular-ish below. The entire time, the top of this craft shone brilliantly, perhaps reflecting the sun. Occasionally, however, a blue-green color could be observed (only with binoculars) in the middle of the craft. The bottom 1/3 of the craft was more or less a darker shade of silver; not as brilliantly bright as the top. A few times, it seemed that the craft would change shape, becoming something that looked like a collection of bubbles or glass spheres. Once or twice it looked like it was a large, metallic, rectangular object. But most of the time, it appeared as more light-bulb shaped with the blue-green color appearing and disappearing in its middle section. This craft hovered for quite a while above my roofline. I tried to communicate with it emotionally/spiritually/psychically as instructed by CE5 protocols, but was unable to make substantial contact. I was highly distracted by wanting to capture it on video and see it through my binoculars. Eventually, the craft did move again, very slowly, in a northerly direction. In time, it moved out of my sight.

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