*MUST SEE* UFO accelerates straight up in the sky – Cornwall, UK 21-Aug-2020

This really amazing footage was filmed with a webcam located in Cornwall, UK on 21st August 2020. This bright UFO is flying over the sea and then accelerates straight up in the sky at very high speed.

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Update: History Channel Has Analyzed This Video As Genuine Hypersonic UFO

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  1. The picture has been cropped to the right is a man with a torch but is now not showing, so this is not a ufo but a man making his way with a torch and lens flare on the camera.

  2. I am not sure a man with a torch could hold it that steady but it is an explanation that could be engineered if the torch were in a holder of some type to stop shaking.

  3. At first it appeared to be something a long way off….But when it went vertical ( if it was a long way off)…it should have disappeared through the clouds…but it stayed in front of them for some reason…must be a fake IMHO

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