This day in UFO History: Travis Walton Abduction

Tavis Walton

If the extraterrestrial hypothesis is controversial, then abductions of humans by alien beings is controversial squared, if not cubed. There’s intense polarization on the issue, not just between UFO skeptics and believers, but between the believers themselves. Is there a person who can share reality story of alien abductions? Famous abduction cases, such as the Travis Walton situation, have been popularized in books and movies, along with the occurrence been validated using polygraph tests administered to all parties involved. While this may not be proof positive that aliens are abducting humans and performing experiments and surgical procedures on them, it does raise questions.

Investigators worth mentioning sightings and abduction reports call themselves Ufologists, and now have precise scientific methods meant for investigating the reports people receive. While many of your methods and findings are usually not recognized by the scientific community overall, it does raise this question of why many people would risk their reputations and careers while in the scientific world by becoming needed for paranormal investigations such seeing that these. Logic would say you need to have something to the UFO and additionally separate question, for the property to take such risks. Of course, there’s no concrete evidence that anyone has taken by an alien spaceship. However, there are those who assert they’ve been kidnapped, and their stories are chilling.

After the Sitgreaves National Forest nearby Heber, Arizona, the occurrence began on Nov. 5, 1975. Walton and his six loggers were heading when they saw a 40 ft. shiny disc soaring in the air. According to his testimony, the disc has an enthusiastic and metallic material, making strange sounds. From the time it got close, the more it became scary to people. Fifteen years later, it was being revealed that the trees where the extraterrestrial craft hovered had been producing wood fibers thirty-six times it did 85 years before. The most curious part is that its core has thickened growth, but only in the direction where the craft had been years ago.

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  1. This case has compelling elements but as I understand things none of Travis’ colleagues ever corroborated his story although several were present at the initial sighting. Please correct me if I am wrong.

      • Travis,mentioned that the movie. Was nothing like his actual abduction.This movie,made the aliens to be Scary. So that the public,would be convinced. That All ETs are bad. Which is Not the case,at all. Please check out. Dr. Steven Greer’s YOUTUBE VIDEOS.

    • Yes you are wrong All his colleagues did corroborated is story, They took lie detector test and all passed. I believe they took 2 lie detector test and same results, they were telling the truth.

  2. YOUR TOTALLY WRONG as they all gave the same accounts of what happened on that night and ALL had a lie detector test and all passed . SO you need to read up on the true facts before making stupid remarks do your HOMEWORK FIRST . and even to this day there stories have never changed ….

  3. What a ridiculous article! I am so sick of all the limp-dick pandering on ufology, where too many media folks & researchers try to discount their work by prefacing it with the standard B.S. hyperbole regarding the ET presence, recovered disks, government cover-ups and abductions. It is statistically IMPOSSIBLE for all the hundreds of thousands of stories to be all hoaxes, psychosis, dementia, hallucinations, or fantasy. To anyone who has reviewed the EVIDENCE, the only possible conclusion is that:

    1. UFO’s are real, and come in a wide variety of configurations. Most typically, they seem to come in the disk form, to create the electrostatic plasma corona from gravity field manipulation. This has been positively confirmed at S4, where Bob Lazar (NOT a hoaxer, as any intelligent person must conclude), say the American version of reverse-engineered vehicles in flight test.

    2. Multiple off-world ‘races’/ species/ beings, what have you, are currently visiting Earth, and have been for thousands of years or more. There are different purposes for their visits – from pure exploration/ research, to a stopping off ‘rest point’ for trips much further away as they explore new regions of the galaxy. They might also be slowly invading us through a hybridization program, and we should allow them to, since we have been such poor stewards of this planet.

    3. The government has kept the public in the dark for too long, as the Media and NASA have acted as the dis-information shill game, keeping the public confused. While this may have been necessary during the Cold War, it is foolish in 2015, and it’s time to let this cat out. Again, the EVIDENCE, including whistleblowers, the Disclosure Project, and many, many well-researched and referenced books, clearly show how this was achieved (and why, perhaps), but in order to move on, the President must create an amnesty program for everyone in the know, and it may force certain traitors to abdicate long-held positions of power. A very, VERY necessary step if we are to recover from the deep evil currently infecting our society.

    There are many other points I could highlight, but these are the main points. It’s time EVERYONE ACKNOWLEDGE THE ET REALITY, and stop couching their articles as plausible. Yes, they are plausible, but more importantly, they are not only plausible, possible, and potentially true, THEY ARE TRUE. STOP running like a bed-wetter from the truth, and take a stand. The statistical analysis proves the reality; the evidence proves the reality; the witness’s testimony proves the reality; in fact, only a dim bulb of a moron can’t see the truth (or a paid debunker), who use the most ineffective rationalizations, with no evidence, no provenance, no witnesses – they just regurgitate emotional or religious arguments to make their point. But they never can; they ALWAYS fail with their arguments.

    Put on your pants, read the research, get your facts aligned, and do the analysis, and you cannot come to any other conclusion than “ET is HERE, and some humans are actively engaged in communications with them. The Truth is Here!”

  4. Nice response Dr. Moebius! Although I disagree on only one point- I agree with your overall statement! Stop acting like “It’s plausible,” when it’s fact.

  5. I came to the comments to see if anyone else said what a horribly written article this was… Wonder what language it was translated from as it’s very strangely worded with many errors, and totally misses the boat about how convicting this case is.

  6. This story and the Allagash abduction are my primary abduction cases, Betty and Barney Hill as well. When I look at these cases I consider what they were doing at the time of the abduction, in each case they were not thinking about, discussing or planning a hoax regarding UFO’s and their stories agree. The method of transportation to the ship from ground to ship are similar a white blue light that begins levitation. Each of these cases were around the same time frame for the Allagash and and Travis Walton mid 1970’s why I consider that important is they were not known to each other, no contamination of stories. Betty and Barney Hill was in New Hampshire the Allagash abduction was in Maine. Those two cases were separated by approximately 12 years but not known to one another.

    One of the interesting things about the telliportation method was a recent article (About 8/15/2015) regarding a recent discovery by scientists who levitated water droplets using electricity and a magnetic device, the interesting thing was that when the levitation process actually started the water droplets became immersed in a bright white bluish light. I found that interesting.

    • Vinny, does every thing need to fall into the category of being levitated or transported by a bright white blue light to be believable, I’ve read hundreds of story’s that only speak of a bright light and many that can only remember the beings face in theirs before being rendered a sleep or unconscious one.

    • To Vinny and the rest in here; I have seen the blue light AND have been a contactee for a long, LONG time! I could tell you a great deal of my experiences yet it is tooo lengthy! I could tell you particulars about cases mentioned that only those in the know, DO KNOW! Feel free to ask me on FB mark zawko ! I know many will not because they are afraid I know toooo much that you cannot handle!

  7. The reality of UFOs and extrateresterals has been known to me since I was a very young child. I am now 67 and had a very personal experience when I was 4, and believe me, I was considered to have an active imagination. So therefor no one would discuss it and didn’t want to hear about it. No one could discourage my beliefs and never will. I appreciate the comments and especially the up-to-dates pictures and commentaries that are published. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Doctor moebius obviously knows what he is talking about you people who are putting him down obviously havent done your homework on the subject at all.he has stated facts in his article and i for one would like to congratulate him on it .. EVERYBODY SHOULD WAKE UP TO THIS REALITY BECAUSE ITS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY ..THEY ARE REAL AND THEY ARE HERE . and for what purpose who really knows . just do your own study and come to your own conclusion before its too late.

  9. Janet..the movie embellished on many accounts, so don’t put all your trust there.
    As far as the other loggers present go, they yelled at Travis to get away, but according to testimony, he had been engulfed in a beam of light, and that’s when they all ran back to the truck.
    When Travis came back a few days later, he didn’t even know where he was, or even what day it was, let alone remembering who his friends and family were..
    And his own accounts of the story? It hasn’t changed once since the day he came back..
    I’ve always believed him. His case is one of the best abduction cases on record..

  10. I am sure Travis Walton doesn’t care what people say or think about his experience, just as I and others who have had close encounters, don’t care what anyone says. He knows what happened, and that’s enough.
    Nobody, as far as I know, knows why these things, creatures, holograms, alternate universe people etc, are here, or what they are, or where they come from. Maybe if we ignore them they’ll go away? I think that whatever they are they are not friendly and completely disdain us and taunt us.

  11. Travis himself says now that his “abduction” wasn’t so much that as a hospital visit and that he would have died without our space visitors compassion. When his buddies saw his body flung backwards 100 feet or so they assumed he was dead. Of course the mystery began when they and the police couldn’t find his body.
    George Adamski had a similar accident within the magnetic field of a saucer although it was just his shoulder and arm, it remained numb for some weeks apparently.
    Travis admits he brought everything on himself and it is only the efforts of the space visitors that saved his life. The movie is rubbish.

  12. when our researchers go out into the field, to examine, say, a polar bear, or an endangered water turtle, what proceedures do they routinely follow ? and in some cases, do they insert a tracking device into the animal for future study ? sure the animal is going to be afraid. but the researchers are not evil, they are just doing thier jobs. in the case of the alien abductions, could it be that they are continuing , for thousands of years now, to create hybrids of us and them, so that they can walk among us without dying from our germs, ect ? for every answer, there are so many more questions.

  13. when our researchers go out into the field, to examine, say, a polar bear, or an endangered water turtle, what proceedures do they routinely follow ? and in some cases, do they insert a tracking device into the animal for future study ? sure the animal is going to be afraid. but the researchers are not evil, they are just doing thier jobs. in the case of the alien abductions, could it be that they are continuing , for thousands of years now, to create hybrids of us and them, so that they can walk among us without dying from our germs, ect ? for every answer, there are so many more questions.

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