US Soldiers Recorded on Video While Discussing Aliens, UFOs and Majestic 12

An exciting video showing what seems to be a group of army soldiers discussing their experiences openly with UFOs and aliens has made the rounds online. It starts with a soldier, who appears to be the most knowledgeable of the group, talking about his interaction with the aliens and how he encountered UFOs throughout his career.

He even describes the aliens that captured him in his drawings.

In this clip, he also showcased a picture that he snapped himself of the UFO that he had observed the aliens in.

The clip looks unaltered or unedited as the lip movements perfectly sync up with the visuals. Also, what is the reason he draws the face of an alien on the whiteboard?

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More interestingly, the soldiers can be heard mentioning the famous Majestic 12 program.

The video also shows more about this remarkable statement issued by an army soldier. Watch it and send to your friends. The footage may make skeptics on the existence of aliens and UFOs change their minds after seeing the short clip.

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  1. Just sitting around cutting the breeze….not really anything that’s already being done nation wide. Just because our protectors of our nation are discussing aliens, (and I thank them all)!
    For me personally I believe the guy, but until a actual alien craft lands on earth for everyone too see, i’am at odds with believing any one out of uniform.

    • Did anything happen in 2012, or did it begin in 2012 , and it’s in the ongoing process and we’re in a fog and it’s so subtle we don’t see it?

  2. The only guy acting seriously in the room is the guy at the board. He is obviously being mocked. This is not evidence of anything, and certainly not a serious meeting or training session. No evidence; just someone making statements. Nobody with actual knowledge of something like this, would be speaking openly to a group like this. Just because he wears a uniform, it is noteworthy?

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