2 pink orbs above crowd multiply then zip away | NY UFO SIGHTING

These two bright UFOs were filmed in the sky above New Hartford, New York on 2nd December 2020.

Witness report: At first there was 1 then another appeared it vanished then it came back Both orbs were bright pink in color Recorded over a crowd of people.

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  1. That’s how thoses “craft” appear, or power up each others, can be 2 (straight line, or 3 in triangle, and so on … take some time, they repeat path/formation a few times,when it s done a “craft” can break from formation and just fly over.
    another one can then be “powered” or summoned.., and at the end “the anchor point” move away too.

    Saw dem doing that (on a few occasions) , at the end a few just flew over like simple lights/aircraft…and the initial light gone in another direction..
    It s just some kind of technology and there s a protocol, for sure.
    It s not random movement.
    Perhaps it s part of the tech process, or for safety.

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