UFO following a plane over George Town, Kentucky 21-Dec-2020


This daytime UFO video was filmed in the sky above George Town in Kentucky on 21st December 2020.

Witness report: Looked up to see a plane with vapour trail and under it a white object hover directly underneath it. It was going at exactly the same speed as the plane, maintained the same distance apart from the plane and the same direction for as long as I could see it. There was no noise but the plane was very high

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  1. I have seen something very similar to this sighting. I was observing a jet and its con trail above my house ( in the suburbs of Liverpool, England ) and noticed a spherical object not very far from the plane. At first I noticed it glinting in the sunlight and it was clearly visible against the clear blue sky. What puzzled me was that the aircraft never changed its course to divert away from the object even though it was at a comparable altitude ( from what I could judge ).Then I suppose that pilots must see all kinds of crazy stuff all the time but never mention it for fear of ridicule and close minded oiks.I have also witnessed a few other high altitude orbs in the twilight sky around the area where I live, again they were only revealed by the sun reflecting off them and they stayed motionless for half an hour before simply melting away and vanishing.As to their purpose,I can only surmise that they are monitoring the systems and capabilities of the aircraft or scanning the people on the aircraft.

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