Strange sighting in the Las Vegas sky

Mysterious lights appeared over the Las Vegas sky early Friday morning (12th February). Could they be Starlink satellites?

* ignore the stupidity of the commentators in the video!

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  1. why do reporters treat these possibly real stories as goofy stories to make fun of??? i see it happens all the time. does it make the reporters feel more sane-like? to me they always come across as idiots that this stuff is for comic books. sad. sad that they would treat something this important as kid stuff.
    one day they’ll learn. and they won’t be laughing.

    • I understand completely, Mark, what you had written above. Having seen a real UFO back in the early 1960s I had and have 100% proof that UFO’s do exist and I had a reliable witness to this same event. Just wished I had a camera that fateful night near Julian, California.

  2. Judy-
    i too wished i had a camera both times i’ve witnessed them. and both times i wasn’t the only one. at 13 i saw one taking out the trash at night in East Los Angeles. it took a few seconds to sink in. told my dad to look at that strange light. i though it was a firework, but it just stayed there. then it took a fast left and disappeared. EXACTLY a year later 2 officers reported in the local paper, chasing a flying cigar shaped object.
    40 years later in fresno, calif. attended a family party outside near pool. while listening to conversations, something made me look up for no reason. saw two small lights following each other. thought it was a satellite in orbital path. then one turned upward fast. i told my girlfriend at the last minute to look. she said “i know”. she also saw what i saw. she just didn’t want to say anything because she dislikes the subject of
    they’re out there.

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