Triangle UFO formation over Rochester, WA

Pulsing red light followed by triangle with white lights filmed over Rochester, Washington on 22nd January 2021.

Witness report: Driving south along school land road along black river in Rochester Washington. noticed red blinking light followed by a triangular object with three white lights and one red light near front center. Objects appeared to be connected and moved Silently above treetops I estimate between 500 and 1000 feet in elevation. Clip of iPhone video attached as well as screen shot. Have observed this object near the same area in the past on several occasions as a pulsing red light with darken object trailing behind.ž

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  1. UFO have always been a part of Earth cultures. It just seems more now because of modern video recording devices immediately available to document sightings. UFO are only interplanetary vehicles piloted by aliens from other star systems. However many are from ancient, highly advanced subterranean civilizations right here on Earth.

  2. I saw this formation 50 years ago in rural southwestern Indiana. I was 11 yrs old.
    My parents and neighbors also saw it. I observed the lights initially appear individually as they approached from the western horizon at dusk. I was at my neighbors’ house with two friends. The first light silently stopped above a treetop about 30 yards from us. The second stopped adjacent to it about 2 minutes after the first came to rest. The third joined the first two after about two minutes later. They formed an equilateral triangle that began to rotate slowly around a fixed center point. My friend ran into the house to get his parents. His dad wend back to get his shotgun, but we urged him not to shoot. The formation moved over the horse pasture still in clear view. They chased the panicked horses in a playful way. They seemed to be showing off. The formation stopped moving after a few minutes, then the three individuals split apart so fast that the group almost seemed to disappear, but we saw them steak away and disappear over the horizon. We were still speechless, processing what we had seen, when the three suddenly snapped back into the exact location they were in before they zipped away. It all happened in complete silence. Not even the sound of moving through the air. We watched them move about for several minutes, then they split apart again and seemed to be gone. I ran home to tell my parents what we had seen. I was upset that they ignored me to continue watching TV. When I looked out the window, I saw one of the lights hovering over the walnut tree in our back yard. I remember yelling “THERE IS A UFO IN THE BACK YARD!!!”. That got them up. By the time they got to the back door, all three were in formation over the tree. We watched them zip around for several minutes before they zipped away once again. My dad called the sheriff. I called some other friends in a town several miles away, who lived in the direction that the UFOs were headed. Those friends said that they saw them also. The sheriff came out the next day to talk to my folks about it. He called back a couple of weeks later to say something about how the military had been operating aircraft somewhere that night. The local radio station gave my folks $5 for the local news story of the week. This is all absolutely true.

  3. Seattle WA March 1st 2021, driving in the dark 5:30 A.M saw a very tall object about 15 – 20 ft tall, it was about 2 blocks ahead of me it had long legs, long arms, it was very thin – almost looking like the robots you see today. It moved across the street past a school, it was at least a foot off the ground, it moved its legs more as a robot from the knee joints swinging back and forth as it crossed the street, at the same time a block, and a half behind this long legged thing I could see a small dark figure about 3 feet tall it appeared to have a hat/helmet on it’s head looked more like a Lego figured hat on its head (best way to describe it). It did not move. (I first thought I had saw a few of the small dark figures but I was focusing on the long legged thing. After the long legged figure past, I drove closer to this dark smaller figure, I grew in excitement as I thought I would be able to get a better lock at it, I was about a block away, and poof it was gone, it did not move, it had no lights, just poof it was gone!

    I have seen the 3 patterned lights in the 70s over near the University of WA, we also saw a lighted small object hit the water it appeared to sink.

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