Why Pentagon Is Releasing UFO Info in 6 Months


There has been a trend of the US Military releasing declassified footage depicting unidentifiable flying objects or UFOs, possibly preparing the mass public for some groundbreaking revelations in 2021! Check out today’s new video predicting the pentagon’s acknowledgement of aliens in 6 months! It’s time people learned the truth about our mysterious visitors from above and it starts right here!

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  1. They are demons, fallen angels, sure they were at one time “ aliens “ to this earth, that is to say they were not “ created “ here on this earth, this is not their original “ home “. They have however been stuck here for the last 6,000 years, unable to leave.
    Why can’t they leave, “ Sin will NOT be permitted to pollute Gods creation beyond this earth “, that’s why. Which is why neither the fallen angels NOR humanity in its current fallen state will ever leave our solar system.
    There are other not fallen angels, Gods servants who come and go from this earth as well but we seldom ever see or hear from these. For the next few years this will remsin a Biblical FACT and not earthly hyperbole.

  2. The beginning of his monologue is total BS. What he said about Roswell is not correct and plays it like it might have been just another hoaxed “weather balloon” story. Conjecture, conjecture, conjecture. WHAT DO YOU FOR A FACT???

    • I agree! This is 50% Propaganda.
      50% lies or deception.
      The Speaker is right on half of what he’s talking about.
      The Aliens are here. They have been visiting for thousands of years.
      Now Weather Balloon at ’47 Roswell, NM
      No ALIEN INVASIONS COMING UP, people! They would have conquered us Centuries ago! Thanks for commenting!

  3. There are 250,000+ amateur astronomers searching the skies every night.
    If there were ANY UFOs they would have photographed the hell out of them.

  4. Then WHY are they waiting 6 months to reveal? The joke of it all is that we already know they are the fallen angels from hell and that they also shapeshift. Talk about old news!

    • I would like to tell you something about why I said a fake invasion. In High School history class in 1988 we were shown an old movie reel of a military meeting held in Europe shortly after WW2. The reporters were all in a good mood and when General Douglas MacArthur came out the reporters said, “we have the Bomb so we can tell all the worlds armies to disband and there will be world wide peace now, right!???” General MacArthur said sadly “unfortunately no. We will next face unrelenting and increasing terrorists attacks culminating in an invasion from outer space” he then said that’s all and walked away and got into his car to be driven away. Fast forward to 2001 I was getting ready to go to work one day and had the morning local tv program on. the normally placid anchor was uncharacteristically animated and going on about how “you will really want to stick around for an amazing interview” Something about the way he was acting caught me, and I actually called into work and told them my lights had been left on and my battery was dead so I would be a little late. Sure enough they brought out the guy to be interviewed at the end. It was a Russian scientist who had smuggled footage of a UFO factory in Russia. He had a pinhole camera in the bill of his hat and as he was driving this golf cart through the factory you could see everything. It was just like a modern assembly line making cars with the robotic arms and everything…but they were making disc craft. He stopped at one where the top was off and these technicians were doing something. They turned it on and it popped off the ground about 3 feet with a beautiful purple pastel glow around the craft. the reporter was beside himself, sliding around on his chair like a little kid. He asked the Russian scientist why were they doing this. The Russian scientist said” I don’t know why you are so excited, your own country is building these craft also at area 51 and other places also. On the screen he was driving out of the factory and across the tarmac to a building that was a massive hangar and the end came out of the side of a mountain. Inside there were tens of thousands of these craft stacked like cordwood it seemed. The Tv host asked him “but why are these building these!!!?” The Russian scientist said and I quote” They are building these craft to fake an Alien invasion from outer space to deceive the whole world into giving up all national borders and become a one world government” At that moment I remembered General D MacArthurs words…terrorists attacks unceasingly culminating in an alien invasion from outer space. These increasing releases of UFO’s from the Pentagon are just to soften up the public for the coming fake alien invasion. They are preparing the soil so the lie will have good soil to bear fruit in. This is all absolutely true my friend. I just never thought I would live to see it implemented. Werner Von Braun warned his secretary of exactly the same thing also.

  5. God took away the abilities of the fallen angels, to float about. They need vehicles (hence, UFO vehicles, etc). They also drive cars and fly planes, etc. They are all around us, in stores, on sidewalks, passing us by on the roadways. Yep. This is nothing new. It’s been going on all while you have been sleeping. Not me. I’m very WIDE AWAKE.

  6. I stopped watching the video when the narrator said that the Roswell crash was a weather balloon. Yet more disinformation.

  7. There’s bound to be all kinds of deceptions. The torahcalendar.com shows the 6001st year approaching shortly. The book of truth is open to anyone for final understanding of our times and best explained at daniel11truth.com Thanks for writing this. It’s very interesting as there are so many signs. Someone said, trump is gone now but if the election was stolen, then he still is the Pres? I was looking at the Rev 12 sign again also. It’s interesting that Sept. 2017 to the Israeli election on March 23, 2021 is 3.5 years.”The woman fled into the wilderness to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1,260 days.” Rev 12:6

  8. Boy that YouTube video is sure biased in saying UFOs are hogwash using terms like “conspiracy theorists”. Probably a CIA sponsored psyop video.


    • craig ur smart man i agree not to just agree but your right brotha imma christian and for a year now they have been above our neighborhood and its getting worse by wosre i mean more …….it is an evil deception …..trust and pray to jehovah and jesus …….now how many times they gotta be told about the signs the strong and wise survives while others lose they lives its cause they choose not to move with ….god and jesus is the only way …..much love man itll be ok

  10. I keep hearing a lot about One World Government. To what end? Please enlighten me. Can you see Russia and China et al going for this? Even with a so called Alien invasion, with all the weapons they have?
    Are Human hybrids, Mantis figures, and reptilians being cleverly manufactured too, to subdue the Masses? Nothing I’ve read about the Big Reset and the New World Order makes any sense at all. Are the very elite being taken in?

  11. Valiant Thor – please read about him – his testimony is he is from Venus and came to Pres. Eisenhower in the late 50’s to offer help and he was rejected by the gov. Yet he is sent from GOD and here to help turn people to our LORD JESUS CHRIST and to help mankind NOT destroy the planet and mess up the galaxy.

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