Massive Orbs Captured From Chicago Apartment Over Lake Michigan 21-Mar-2021

This strange UFO activity was filmed from an apartment near Lake Michigan in Chicago on 21st March 2021.

Lake Michigan is a well known UFO hotspot. You can find more strange sightings from the area here.

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  1. I don’t believe you’ll see it any better with binoculars, they’ll just look like the same thing close up, and you can’t film through binoculars. You should try a Sun filter on your camera lens, or ask the person in the shop what type of filter may help block most of the light. You can even play with the ASA, white balance, and exposure settings on your camera? Lastly, maybe manual focus may help too.

  2. Weird. Was going to say they are chinese lanterns but they way too bright. Then I thought they were magnesium illumination flares but they’re burning too long and flares don’t move horizontally.

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