Multiple fastwalker UFOs in the sky above Syracuse, NY 9-Mar-2021

A lot of strange UFO activity was filmed in the night sky above Syracuse in New York on 9th March 2021. Here a author’s statements…

Witness report: Multiple orbs hovering and moving at impossible speeds at varying heights. Orbs appear directly overhead after being circled with a laser pointer. BACKGROUND: Since I first saw a large red orb in August of 2020 (MUFON report 110659) I have documented on video hundreds of orbs of varying sizes, colors and distances appearing over Central New York. These orbs are an every night event, if the sky is clear these strange orbs are visible. I have purchased two nightvision cameras in order to document and attempt to explain what I am seeing but the events I capture are getting stranger over time.On Tuesday March 9th, 2021 I went outside during my usual nightly filming session at 645 and set up one camera in a fixed location on a tripod and another on a monopod that I could use to control. I was on an elevated pool deck where I saw the typical orbs I see on a nightly basis and recorded those. Throughout the night I observed multiple orbs moving through the airspace at speeds that I’ve never seen some were captured some were not. Around 750PM I saw a rather bright orb through my second camera and was tracking the object as it flew over my neighborhood. I used a green laser pointer to circle the object and upon doing this it seemed as though I provoked a response. The object began to move much more rapidly and also dimmed as it was very bright before. I eventually lost the object over the southern sky. I looked up and there were 2 very bright orbs directly over me. One orb seemed to circle and another orb slowly moved passed me until moving over the nearby treeline where I lost sight. I noticed a lot of movement in the sky above me but was unable to see anything else with my eyes. Unfortunately the video recording from the camera I was using is somehow corrupted despite all other files being intact. My other camera managed to record audio and video from the incident but was pointing slightly off from where I was. Upon playback of the videos recorded from my secondary camera, I realized how many objects had been above me that night.I have 100s of videos of these strange orbs flying over a densely populated city. I use star charts, air traffic radar, satellite tracking etc to debunk and I still cannot figure out what I am witnessing. I have uploaded a few videos to youtube in hopes of finding answers but I am not sure where to go now.

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  1. I am here in Australia asking the same exact questions…I have footage almost identical to yours and have had the exact same experience regarding getting a reaction and being ‘stalked’? monitored? I’m just a mum with 5 kids who discovered this aprox a month ago using just my crappy $50 mobile phone. I am absolutely S myself while anyone I mention it to is blahzay as! wtf?!

  2. I REALLY BELIEVE THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE, it’s so great that we have people out there still looking and taking their time to find something. I’m always looking and really can’t wait to find it! I can’t believe the government is still trying to hind this and think we are all idiots. Thank you for bring this out and allowing us believers to see what you saw! Keep up the search and sending the great video’s!

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