Spinning UFO over Norwalk, CA 6-Mar-2021

Daytime UFO video of a bright unidentified flying object above Norwalk in California. This was filmed on 6th March 2021.

Witness report: Round organic looking glowing orb with flashing white light randomly, also seemed to be spinning. I was looking up at a clear blue sky in the afternoon when I noticed this white glowing object moving with random flashing white lights moving quite fast in the sky. It seemed to be spinning around and when the lights were off it looked like a black mass, it was hovering ( still ) at times, and then moving again changing direction one time at a 90 degrees angle. It looked like it was very high up in the sky, so it must have been big in size ! Don’t know what it was, definitely no airplane or balloon or any other known craft. Also this was not the first time I have seen a sighting like this above my house, this was the fourth time I have seen an UFO like this in the past year, only this time I had a clearer view on it then before.

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