UFOs flying over Long Island, NY 20-Apr-2021

These bright unidentified flying objects were filmed in the sky above Long Island in New York on 20th April 2021.

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  1. I live in western australia , it covers a vast area , I have seen many objects in the sky , the most impressive was a cross of what looked like stars, a Christian cross not a X , I watched it for some time, it never moved but I am sure I saw an edge and what looked like a huge wedge shaped object that must have been very high and very big . I have sat out at night and watched objects go from here to there in an instant ,like the speed of light , yes i believe

  2. I saw a UFO as well – many years ago – was standing on porch steps with two friends in the afternoon as they were getting ready t leave – facing them the object caught my attention as it flew parallel to the street I lived on, as if I was seeing something about the size and brightness of Venus in the daytime – when it was directly overhead, it stopped for a few seconds, then made an extreme right turn and sped off quicker than anything else could. Of course my friends watched it with me. I reported it only to hear ‘thousands of others have seen the same thing’ – wow!

  3. Very Interesting , thanks for post and info . In Argentina South / America one great peaks of unusual activity of extrem flashing light , flares , and orb its very visible in the Sky in April of 2021 . best gretings , for here, the video with this extrange events . youtube.com/watch?v=dw7ODPf7ZnQ

  4. The sound of jets is heard in the video. This is clearly a military operation complete with air drops. The black objects seen dropping through the clouds are parachutes. One load is heavier than the other and is dropping at a higher rate. Also…with few exceptions the aircraft follow the same flight path.

    There are REAL UAPs out there. These are military. Sorry.

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