Classic UFO Reports Over Brimstage

UFOs over UK

Some believe UFOs are the craft of space aliens, but others think they are nothing more than meteors, misidentifications of the planet Venus, and overactive imagination. However, reports of UFOs have not let up over the decades as strange craft, and mysterious lights continue to be seen in the skies.

The skies over Wirral are no exception.

On August 10, 1947, Lancashire and Cheshire police spotted a triangular UFO hovering over Birkenhead, coming from the river.

Days later, dozens of people observed the same object skimming over the rooftops of Birkenhead and Bebington.

On October 19, 1963, a massive golden disc-shaped UFO was seen hovering 500 feet above the Woodchurch estate.

Around the same time, a tugman reported spotting a glowing green saucer UFO passing over Rock Ferry and then plunging into the Mersey.

On June 23, 1974, a large black disc UFO gliding over great Sutton was seen to change into a cigar-shaped craft flying upwards until going out of sight.

Days after, a white dome-topped saucer giving off rainbow colour was observed flying over Pensby.

On May 25, 1975, people across Wirral saw a glowing disc flying across the full moon’s face before it descended somewhere near Thornton Hough.

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