Multiple UFOs maneuvering over Salt Lake City, UT 6-May-2021

These bright UFOs were filmed in the sky above Salt Lake City, the capital and most populous city of the U.S. state of Utah on 6th May 2021.

Witness report: About 10 orbs making shapes and gliding by eachother. I was driving back to work from my Lunch Break when I saw what looked to be shiny Balloons in the Sky but then they were behaving a little odd for Balloons, when I looked harder I thought maybe they could be Birds but they were dissapearing and reappearing, dancing and making shapes, they seemed to be like orbs not birds. There was about 10 of them moving oddly in the sky, so i pulled over and took a video.

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  1. I live near several very large lakes, that have a pelican population. They are very high flying birds and I have seen dozens of them swirling and twirling on thermals etc, They are white and they really shine brightly in the sun. I’m wondering if that’s what this sighting was.

  2. can’t say.

    As perhaps I have not experienced ufo or aliens encounter.

    Just had couple of UFO and ALIENS in perhaps real dreams.

  3. I strongly think also this is a large birds sighting. Look how they spiral upward fall back then cycle back and forth. Birds traveling in groups use this all the time. Look at a group of fish same thing. Until the item is large, metallic and flies with abrupt sharp turns I would dismiss it.

  4. I do not drink and do not do drugs but I see UFOs every night, they hover at 20,000 feet. I will not call authorities even if they land, if they wanted to kill I would have been killed long ago. Think about it, a space ship in the back yard. Last time they took off before I could get to the ship

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