The Government Has Acknowledged the Reality of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


According to a former Pentagon official, the government could disclose evidence and reports on unidentified aerial phenomena this June.

Luis Elizondo, the former director of Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, said that the government is planning to disclose “reality” documentation about UFOs. The upcoming report, which has caught much media attention, is expected to expose the military knowledge about unexplained aircraft observed around its installations. And could help clear up several mysterious UFO sightings that have been reported, or it could be an underwhelming cache of things that turned out to be optical illusions and balloons.

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It’s worth noting that Elizondo has promised updates on UFOs several times in recent years. Just last July, he argued that the UAP task force of the Pentagon “no longer has to hide in the shadows” and “will have a new transparency.”

However, there’s enough reason to believe this report will be revealed in some form. Even if it’s not a groundbreaking disclosure of alien life, former President Donald Trump manded that the US intelligence agencies had to disclose what they know about UFOs and UAPs by the summer.

Elizondo believes that the government has acknowledged the reality of UAP – they all want answers and willing to ask the hard questions.

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  1. I will be very surprised if the Gov. releases anything that the general public doesn’t already know. No doubt, the phenomena will be weather balloons, or weather anomalies, or scientific aerial instruments.
    Or some deep space anomalies they are investigating, but I guess they will NOT admit to Aliens.

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