UFOs maneuvering over Tacoma, Washington 16-May-2021

These bright UFOs were flying in the sky above Tacoma, Washington on 16th May 2021.

Witness report: Witness for objects hovering over 5 minutes then split up and went different directions. I captured video of these 4 objects hovering in the sky. The building they were hovering over is only about a 5 min walk from my place. They looked extremely large and close. I tried to rationalize and think well maybe some new city cranes went up but of course that wasn’t it. In no way did they look like planes. They were huge and close. I live in a high rise on the 15th floor in Seattle/Tacoma and I know what airplanes look like they surround my building all day long. These were not commercial planes. They hovered for so long I got tired of recording so I stopped. As I continue to talk on the phone and eventually looked back I noticed they had all split apart and went different directions. At that time I started to record again. In the video they look very far and small and in person they looked huge and ginormous as if they were just across the street. They look like physical objects that you could reach out and touch. The next evening I got one more photo of only one object. I turned to grab a jacket so I could open the window to take video but when I got back it was gone.

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