Unknown lights flying over Warwick, Rhode Island 22-May-2021

These UFO lights were filmed in the sky above Warwick, a city in Kent County, Rhode Island on 22nd May 2021.

Witness report: Sitting in my back yard i was alerted by my wife who first saw the lights. i and another witness moved to the front yard and i took out my phone and started to record. We then noticed a second set of lights following the first. They did not look like any aircraft
i had ever seen before. They were glowing maybe slightly pulsating lights. I thought maybe I heard a jet type engine but if i did it was very faint.

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  1. Hello
    Since I know your site one thing bothers me is the quality of some images seen the definition of our phones how can we make videos of such poor quality and I look right to left up and down sometimes I stay on my hunger

  2. I have photos of similar objects taken last September 2020 in s.jersey. the night you could clearly see an object around the moon. I photographed the moon particularly but noticed these other objects also in the photos, one greenish and the other orange like the ones shown here. Its not a coincidence.

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