What Do We Know About UFOs?

Nuclear UFOs

A highly anticipated Pentagon report on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) – also known as UFOs – has raised lots of interest from astronomers, journalists, and even former president Barack Obama. The Canadian military has documents of reported UFO sightings going back decades. What explains this? Is it proof of extraterrestrial life? Or, a foreign military using advanced technology? Our panel discusses the new interest in these mysterious sightings.

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  1. We know very well that the Gov. will not admit to knowing about Aliens and that UFOs are a natural, as yet unexplained phenomenon or it’s China or Russia, buzzing the US Navy. As if!
    Foreign countries would now that they would be shot down or disabled if they did this and there would be an International Outcry. Don’t hold your breath for any startling revelations.

  2. Now that our government has declared them a threat to our security…..you can bet at some point we will shoot at them…again. This is not what we should do. If the have the ability to vaporize….one can only hope they focus it only on the specific source of attack.

  3. Contactees, many witnessed, since 1952 have told us that every planet in this Solar System is inhabited with humanity at varying levels of physical matter and evolution, Earth being one of the least advanced and the only one withlife and form in dense physical matter. All the others hold life and form in etheric physical.
    The Ageless Wisdom states there are 7 levels to physical matter. Solid, liquid and gas wer can see and measure and above them 4 progressively finer etheric layers.
    For us to see our visitors craft they must first lower it to our level. We are known as the younger brothers and sisters of this System. All the other planets work harmoniously with one another and it is common to find craft crewed with people from many planets.
    Contactee information is at least worth looking at.

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