South Africa, serious broadcast on UFOs

The US government has released a highly anticipated UFO report. The Pentagon studied more than 140 incidents reported by navy pilots of UAP seen over the last two decades for the report. Many were seen from the summer of 2014 into the spring of 2015. The report said that some incidents could be the result of technical errors in sensors or observers, but it noted that most of the UAP reported: “probably do represent physical objects” since they were registered across multiple sensors. UFO researcher Prof Tim Murithi spoke to SABC News about the report explaining how significant this first-of-its-kind report is.

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  1. Dear Prof. Tim, Thank God you are no dummy!
    We are being visited and have been.
    Their quest is to observe and try to understand.
    E.T.s use telepathy [visualization]. We can, too.
    (It works faster than the speed of light.)
    I happen to believe that President Trump’s bizarre actions sent a clear message to E.T.s: We are not ready to join their Federation of Planets.
    We were being assessed and failed.

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