Elon Musk Talks About Aliens

Elon Musk
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  1. I am truly sorry that all of us doesn’t recognize that Aliens have been here since before Atlantis.
    They are shy and observing. We are gullible and mentally not ready for contact.
    Note for Elon Musk: Your view on Aliens is sceptical and shows a lack of research.
    Our Government research groups have already reversed engineered downed Alien Craft.
    There are frozen Alien Bodies that are in cryogenic tubes.
    Jackie Gleason and then President Nixon toured the Top Security Clearance Area.
    You must know we [U.S.A.], have had faster than the speed of light Saucer Craft(s) for Decades!
    You never heard of Bob Lazar, nor one-armed Swiss farmer Billy Meier? Nor Betty and Barney Hill?
    This shows you have not done your homework? Don’t you have real interest in Alien Abduction?
    Then you would research Travis Walton?
    Get up to speed, Dear Mr. Elon Musk?
    Why don’t you study our depleted Ozone layer(s)? Then you will grasp how devastating it is to puncture our Ozone Layer and burn up Ozone and Oxygen? (Not nice.)

  2. I’ve lost any respect for Elon Musk. Its documented that we have over 4000 physical race cases. The military has had aliens shut down our nuclear missiles. It doesnt take just an hour to research this on the internet and see enough to prove to anyone that their here and have been here probably before us.

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