UFO flying over Glendale, AZ 1-Aug-2021

This bright UFO was filmed slowly flying over Glendale, Arizona on 1st August 2021. Posted on Reddit today!

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  1. I think it’s a drone because it looks like it’s floating compared to the UFOS. Yes, it’s moving fast. Drones can move fast but nothing compared to UFO’s. The UFO’s move from place to place so fast that the camera can’t keep it in view.

  2. Port Orchard, WA) saw this last night around 1130pm while we were hoping to see the meteors. It was there only a short time and it vanished after about 3 seconds of me seeing it and was not flashing. It was much closer to where I was than in the video and it was slightly cloudy but when I saw it, it looked to be the size of a dime if I had held it up to the sky and was giving off a blue glow since there was cloud coverage and it seemed to be just behind a thin layer of the clouds.

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