Los Angeles UFO sighting: Four lights rise moving erratic, then organize to make formations

These bright unidentified flying objects were filmed in the daytime sky above Los Angeles in California. This happened yesterday (16th October 2021).

Witness report: I noticed 4 lights rising North East above the horizon at about 30° on a clear day in downtown Los Angeles. I increased the contrast of the video and left it unedited. Myself and the coffee store Manager Emily, both witnessed this and there were many other onlookers, though I don’t believe they were interested at all which we found hilarious. Video cuts off abruptly because of course my phone dies. I’ve never seen anything like this and it’s super interesting. Objects could have possibly been hundreds of miles from the Earth itself. It was very hard to tell. They seemed jellyfish-like in the beginning but extremely too far if they were a balloon it would be impossible to see. Not to mention the interesting formations. If you pause the video towards the end you can see a total of six lights at one point before they go off into the distance.

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  1. Myself and another saw something very similar right after dusk this eve. There were 4 lights in the sky, two sets of two. One set head in one direction traveling tandom, and the other set moved parallel to each other in another direction. If I had to guess thier angle traveling away from each other was around 120*. My eyes focused on the whole incident as each set probably crossed paths in an X of sorts. the incident probably lasted 15 seconds. Satellites?

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