Luis Elizondo on unidentified aerial phenomena, extraterrestrials and the Pentagon’s UFO programme

Luis Elizondo ran the Pentagon’s secretive UFO/UAP programme for a decade… We had some questions. Early last year, the US government officially acknowledged videos of “unidentified aerial phenomena” filmed by its Navy pilots. Was it evidence of extraterrestrials? Here the former Pentagon intelligence officer in charge of investigating these incidents, reveals (almost) all he knows at GQ Heroes…

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  1. There defiantly real have bases in out oceans and they observe our species they originated from space but some live right here on planet earth and may be among the current population secretly.

  2. Isaac Asimov once wrote about humans might one day hollow out and colonize the _insides_ of asteroids, for a bunch of reasons (you can set them spinning like Clarke’s Rama for gravity, and close it off with airlocks for a breathable atmosphere, etc, which would be easier, so he wrote, than colonizing the surface of Mars or the Moon. What if some reptilian or rodent-like species already did this, long ago?

  3. This is government spin, to create a false flag invasion event when its really our tech. Wernher von Braun stated this was the end game for the US ??, to take the country over via martial law.

  4. I saw 8 ufo fly over in daylight into a strong wind and they were solid like on rails..They were conical point at the top and they were metallic in appearance.
    This was n Albany western Australia in 2012.

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