Huge bright UFOs appearing & disappearing over Odessa, Ukraine 25-Dec-2021

This really interesting UFO video was filmed in the sky above Odessa, a port city on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine. Huge bright UFO lights are appearing and disappearing over the city on 25th December 2021.

Witness report: When I was driving home from work, I noticed a strange light in the sky and decided to stop and watch.
The objects were, according to my reference point, above the sea in the water area of the city of Odessa, not far from the port of Odessa, Ukraine.

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    • Yup. Ex-Army here and those are flares as Harley said. You can tell how they float and also as the burn out and drop pieces, then go out.

  1. They’re real, and they’re saying to Putin, “You had better not try to launch your shit at the US, cause we’ll just shut you down.”

  2. Flares..Chainlink700rt I’ve seen them before, and not claiming anything
    Sometimes they launch flares at air shows, and that’s what I see in this video ..

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