Two linked UFOs over Irvine, California | 17 December 2021

2 linked lights were filmed over Irvine, California on 17th December 2021.

Witness report: Taking a walk at night and saw 2 bright lights pulsing towards the SW. I watched for approx 5 mins and thought they were stationary and did not appear to be commercial, military or private planes or helicopters. I started to film but street light was affecting the view. I moved so the light was behind me. I thought the lights were side by side but they began moving. Very slowly, and never broke formation. I realized they were not side by side, one was in front and one was rear. I had been looking at the lights from a side view. It passed nearly overhead. I did not see a visible body of a craft, no wings, no sound. It was moving slow. The lights never changed proximity to each other. I absolutely think it was one craft. I watched it go over until it was out of view. It was approx 30 mins total. I live close to an Airport and see all types of planes and helicopters from different angles and elevations. I can always hear them and they move faster and are much smaller. I have never see anything like this. I uploaded the videos in chronological order. From seeing the lights in the distance to when it flew over me. I also found a video online of this. It was filmed by someone south of me close to the Mexico border. It was posted the next day. I suspect it may be the same.

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