3-4 orbs moving in front of me in a slow pulsating manner | Tulsa, Oklahoma

This UFO video was filmed over Tulsa, Oklahoma on 29th December 2021.

Witness report: Leaving work area to begin my driving route and noticed a bright large orange/red orb in the distance towards the eastern horizon. Noting this I turned towards the overpass at 41st and union and immediately see a group of 3 or so large pulsating orbs appearing over a billboard and directly in front of me. They pulsated at such a slow rate and they didn’t project light like a plane or drone. The orbs looked “bio luminescent” In a way. They steadily moved while gaining altitude and went over the overpass. In doing so a street lamp was turned off. While this was happening, I also noted a aircraft also in the area at a much higher distance and with small blinking lights. I had recorded the encounter as best as I could. Lasted sometime more or less 2 to 5 minutes.

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  1. did you record that with a potato? looks like they could be Chinese lanterns. hard to tell with the quality of the footage though.

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