UFO crash lands in Antarctica

An investigator comes across something extraordinary while scanning images of Antarctica, see more in this clip from Proof Is Out There “Solar Spaceship & Invisibility Cloak.”

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  1. Some idiot tried to cover this up and say it’s a body of water to cover this up you can clearly tell thats a U.F.O. it’s to perfect circular and its metal you can see it thats why no Airlines or any Aircraft period is allowed down there it’s a proven U.F.O. portal area luke it or not its true and the Naghtzee of Germany built a breakaway civilization base here as well they were getting guidance from the Exterrestrials true that’s a crashed U.F.O. period.

  2. you can clearly see where its lifted off the ground around the rim and it’s to perfect circular manufactured looking thats the real deal.

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