UFO filmed over Edwards, California YESTERDAY

This strange sighting of a possible triangle-shaped UFO was filmed over Edwards Air Force Base in California on 24th January 2022.

Witness report: My wife was driving northbound on the 14 near Edwards AFB at 17:56 today 1/24/22. She recorded a strange 3 light craft in the sky and drove right underneath it. It was stationary or moved very slowly from the video and what she told me. She said the three bright lights on each corner were “kind of like iron man’s thrusters”, almost as if they are causing optical effects from heat generation. I work in aerospace so I can differentiate aircraft. I looked at her video and checked the flight radar for that timeframe and there were no aircraft above the highway.

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  1. I don’t know of any military vehicle that has three lights configured like that. And given our escalating tensions with Russia, I’d say that was real. ETs have been known to check out military bases during times of international tensions.

    • are you serious??!! What a waste of my last-minute watching this nonsense!!
      it is called a PLANE!! It displays 3 forward take-off and/or landing lights, and a red tail light!! I have seen a UFO and this video does NOT show a UFO!!

  2. It could be a black triangle UFO, or more accurately maybe a TRB3. If that is the case? Then consider yourself very lucky, it is most likely American and you can be self-assured you are very safe!

  3. Real we can expect to see alot more encounters with Russia,Usa,China,and Iran and Isreal fighting and talks of nuclear fallout they know we are playing with matches we have no bussiness playing with and they are gonna be here more to observe the goverments acting lile primitive morons.

  4. Saw three UFO’s in 1957 over an Air Force Base. One stopped to look at us as I was ordered to round up the children playing on the golf course. One stopped and hovered above our heads for at least 10 minutes or so. It then took off at a super high speed and come back with two more. All stair=stepping to a stop instantly and then took off and did not return. This incident was near an Air Force Base. Numerous people saw this while I was attending to the children that were playing and it was published in the newspaper the next day.

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