UFOs over Fukushima after 7.3 earthquake hits Japan!

These UFOs were filmed over Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Ōkuma on 17th March 2022 after A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits northern Japan.

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Link: youtube.com/c/LUFOS-UFO
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  1. As usual we see UFOs where there are earthquakes and wars also diasters are they watching or causing these things to happen dont know but i hope not i have always thought UFOs to be friendly as the must be so much more advanced than us somtimes it makes me wonder if there is inteligent life on this planet!!!

    • Tere. Aet Narusberg väga korras maailmaruumi ufo alien abduction varsti 2033 november 30 hiljem nädal alien????????
      Aet väga tubli!

  2. Acho que trata-se de monitoramento. Se não existisse usina atômica em Fukushima não haveria interesse da parte dos ovnis ou de quem os controla. Manipular o átomo deve ser extremamente perigoso.

  3. Aet Narusberg ikka rõõmus???? tore!
    Aet helistasin 37251970453!
    Darth Talon ❤ kallis Aet väga tubli 2033 november 30 hiljem nädal korras
    Aliens kallis Aet naerab varsti????
    Aet helistasin???? alien rääkis photo. Arvutin!

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