‘We’re taking UFOs extremely seriously,’ says Nasa’s chief

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Nasa’s director has stated that he believes UFO reports after commissioning an eight-month investigation into hundreds of inexplicable encounters.

Ex-space shuttle astronaut and US Senator Bill Nelson claimed he spoke with two Navy pilots who witnessed multiple flying objects in 2004 and passed the issue on to Nasa’s chief scientist. He told the reporters that they are quite concerned about the situation.

Nelson has spoken with Navy pilots who claim to have seen something in 2004. They were able to follow it on their radar off the coast of Southern California, over the Pacific.

He went on to say that hundreds more items have been noticed since then, with a few of them being explained as balloons, but the majority remaining unexplained.

So, as a scientific research organization, he has requested Nasa to study this problem from a scientific position, which will be disclosed in a few days. They’ll be reporting in around eight months.

When asked if he believed the sightings may be hostile planes, the Nasa administrator said that he hoped it wasn’t. This is because the pilots described it as a very quick-moving object that hopped from one spot to the next.

As a result, his straightforward response is that he has no idea. That’s why he’s enlisted the help of their experts to see whether they can come up with an answer.

Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen of the Science Mission Directorate will lead the probe, and the entire extent of the study will be disclosed soon, according to Mr. Nelson.

Pilots in the Navy were allegedly ‘lost their heads.’

Lt Cmdr Alex Dietrich, one of the Navy pilots cited by Mr. Nelson, went public for the first time last year, describing how she had observed many UFOs while stationed on the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier off the coast of southern California.

She said the objects moved at an incredible rate, plunging 80,000 feet in less than a second and leaping dozens of miles in seconds in an occurrence captured on infrared camera and radar.

According to Lt Cmdr Dietrich of 60 Minutes in the United States, the item hopped from place to place and tumbled around in an unanticipated manner.


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She also said that the entire time they were on the radio with each other, they were completely insane.

Cmdr David Fravor, who was also stationed aboard the USS Nimitz, engaged one of the oblong objects, which he assessed to be 40 feet long, according to accounts. It vanished, only to be caught up by ship radar 60 miles distant seconds later.

Hundreds of ‘inexplicable’ sightings

The Pentagon’s Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force produced a study last June that looked into 144 UFO sightings between 2004 and 2021, several of which were witnessed by military pilots.

Despite the fact that investigators decided there was no indication the objects came from outer space or were the work of a foreign opponent, they stated that the majority of them could not be explained.

The authors of the paper said unequivocally that the UAPs were real objects, not visual illusions generated by air circumstances or sensor failures.

Investigators discovered 18 items with unidentified propulsion systems and stated they will investigate further to see whether sophisticated technologies were there.

The Nasa chief also stated the space agency was “actively involved” in searching for extraterrestrial life on Mars, with the Perseverance rover excavating into an old lake on the Martian surface, during a briefing from Edinburgh on Monday.

He also stated that in 2031, they will gather the samples and return them to Earth.

And that would tell us if there was life, how advanced it was, whether it was organized, and then what happened to it.

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  1. We have known that the UFOs are real for years. We think it hilarious that NASA is just beginning to catch on. I looks like they are in denial.

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