After 30 years, the world’s most clear UFO image of a diamond-shaped object has been discovered

The Calvine photo
The Calvine photo

It has been discovered that a cool UFO photograph taken by two hikers in the Scottish Highlands over 30 years ago and believed to be gone still exists.

A gigantic object in the sky (diamond-shaped) and what seems to be a Harrier jet far up there, may both be seen in the allegedly authentic “Calvine Photograph.”

It was discovered after years of investigation by journalist and researcher Dr. David Clarke and has been dubbed the “greatest” UFO photograph in the world by some.

The image was taken on August 4, 1990, on a hillside by two hikers close to Calvine, which is located approximately 35 miles northwest of Perth in Scotland.

The Scottish Daily Record newspaper received them and sent them on to the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

The narrative was never issued for an unknown reason, and the MoD stayed silent thereafter.

Due to the photographs never being made public until today, this gave rise to the current myth of the “Calvine Photograph.”

Then, it is said that the object abruptly rocketed into the sky before disappearing.

Dr. Clarke was able to locate the photograph after getting in touch with retired RAF press officer Craig Lindsay, according to The Sun. Dr. Clarke is an associate professor from Sheffield Hallam University and has served as a curator for the MoD UFO files project at The National Archives.

When the initial story was investigated in 1990, Mr. Lindsay was the one coordinating between the media and the MoD, hence he maintained a copy of the original image.

He still kept the Daily Record’s original envelope, which contained one of the Calvine images.

Dr. Clarke and Vinnie Adams from the advocacy organization UAP Media UK requested it, and Mr. Lindsay complied. It is currently housed in the Sheffield Hallam University archives.

It has been an honor to work on this case with such a committed team of academics, Mr. Adams told The Sun Online.

He also said that it felt nice to be able to share this rare photo with the public after 32 years and a thorough inquiry.

He pleaded for anybody with knowledge of the hikers’ identities or the case to come forward.

The photograph was originally displayed on the walls of the MoD’s “UFO office,” according to Nick Pope, who studied UFOs for the MoD in the 1990s. Nick Pope writes about the photograph in his 1996 book Open Skies, Closed Minds.

He said the US was questioned by the UK about whether the image was of an experimental aircraft.

The picture was afterward taken down from the wall and was never seen again.

a colour mock-up of what it might look like
A colour mock-up of what it might look like

The MoD is keeping the case of the sighting under wraps until 2072 for unknown reasons.

Despite the image’s obscurity, some think it was an experimental US aircraft, probably The Aurora, as the MoD had allegedly believed.

Although The Aurora’s existence has never been verified, some people think it was a hypersonic espionage plane with extremely high-top speeds.

In the late 80s and early 90s, some witnesses in the UK reported seeing angular flying objects.

Although they may not be any closer to determining what the object observed above Calvine in August 1990 was or whose it belonged, according to Graeme Rendall of UAP Media UK, an essential piece of the jigsaw has fallen into place as a result of careful investigation.

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