Russian MIG Fighter Jets Chasing a Massive UFO in The Devil’s Grave

While Great Britain and the US have produced the majority of contemporary UFO sightings, there is no denying that other eastern nations have a rich history of inexplicable encounters. In the instance where Russia, the KGB, the military, and the government have all taken care to maintain a stringent and careful watch on the UFO data.

But in current years, UFO researchers and scientists have made material on the phenomena available online, exposing a wealth of mysterious incidents that took place on Russian soil and in the region.

A foreign presence was detected by ground radars on August 28, 1991, at 4:42 pm at the military base in the Caspian Sea more specifically at the Mangishlak Peninsula present-day Turkmenistan. At a height of 6,600 meters and a speed of 960 km/h, the UFO was traveling east.

The military station’s staff made many unsuccessful attempts to identify the craft. The operators tried a different strategy after a few fruitless “friend or foe” queries; they got in touch with the nearby airport of Kaputsin Yar to get further information. Kaputsin’s commanding officer verified that their radar had also picked up the strange object and that it was not a test flight conducted by them.

Two Mig-29 aircraft were swiftly constructed for a scouting mission, and the other two jets took off from the base on the peninsula after that since they couldn’t risk an evasive incursion. When the jet fighters caught up with the UFO, it was above the Aral Sea. They first kept an 800-meter safe distance between themselves and the UFO. The entire thing was easily visible from this vantage point.

The pilots initially perceived a massive object that was highly reminiscent of a zeppelin but much larger. The UFO was estimated to be a stunning 600 meters in length and around 110 meters in diameter using information from ground radars and the pilot’s intuition.

The flight commander asked the unidentified object to identify itself once more, but he never got a response. The Mig-29 fighters attempted to issue a second warning, this time demanding that the UFO follow them and be escorted to the closest airfield, but the UFO continued to ignore them, appearing unconcerned by their menacing presence.

The MIGs moved in closer to the craft in the following phase. The pilots observed two port holes towards the front of the UFO with green symbols encircling them as they got closer. It was inscribed in a tongue that the Russian pilots didn’t understand.

The pilots approached the UFO from both sides after getting the instruction to fire warning shots. They were about 500 meters away from the ship and prepared to fire, but to their amazement, nothing occurred when they depressed the trigger. They were compelled to return to base because the electrical systems on the four planes were broken and the armaments appeared to be jammed. The thing disappeared towards the horizon.

The UFO was being followed by ground radars as it approached an extraterrestrial speed of over 6,800 hm/h. After traveling in a zigzag manner over the Aral Sea for roughly 30 minutes, it vanished from radar. As the UFO passed over Lake Issyk-Kul, which is close to the boundary between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the tracking signal was lost.

After the incident, there was internal discussion since there were still many unresolved concerns about the precise origins of the device and the technologies used.

Speculation about a UFO that collided with the Tien Shan Mountains located in Central Asia started to spread by the end of September. Unexpectedly, the region is called Shaitan Mazar, which translates to “The Devil’s Grave.” Some people view this as an odd coincidence, while others see it as unmistakable evidence that the entire statement was fake.

Residents from the Karakol (Kyrgyzstan) region told stories of a massive object that forcefully collided with the eastern mountain range. A well-known UFO organization by the name of SAKKUFON was alerted by the reports, and soon after they launched an expedition to find the impact spot.

The team, led by Anton Bogatov, was made up of experienced mountaineers and SAKKUFON researchers from Russia. Fueled by claims that the crash location had already been found by the locals, the team spent two weeks trekking into the highlands. The UFO seekers found this account more convincing because of odd reports of persons experiencing small burns on their bodies, excessive amounts of static electricity, and watches that broke.

Sadly, the expedition was forced to turn around after weeks of dealing with challenging circumstances, opening the door for the government of Russia to become involved. The military had previously discovered the crash site, according to SAKKUFON, and deployed a helicopter to gather any UFO evidence. However, the chopper lost control and crashed into a near cliff, killing everyone on board.

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