Orange UFO Orbs in San Clemente, California 19-Sep-2022

This UFO video was seen and recorded in the night sky above San Clemente, a city in Orange County, California on 19th September 2022.

Witness report: My family observed 2-9 Orbs over a course of about 30 minutes on Sept 19th. The orbs did not move north/south/east/west or up/down. Over the course of 30 minutes the lights went away and came back a couple times – but always in the same spot. We do live by Camp Pendleton here in San Clemente. Our house is on a bluff overlooking the ocean approximately 1 mile away from the shore. Please pardon the colorful language at times. We feel lucky to have experienced this and hope to find out what they were.

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  1. Yes! I was hoping to find someone else local who saw the strange lights! We’re in San Clemente! We, my husband and I, as well as my nephew & his wife, were hanging out in the back yard around 8pm on 9/4/22, and saw exactly what you described! In one section of the night sky we saw a light appear, travel a few seconds and then disappear only to appear at the starting point again, traveling again in the same direction and then disappear. That would repeat in the same spot about 5 times. Over about 4-5 minutes we watched numerous lights doing this same pattern~ in different parts of the sky. They were a little brighter than the average star. All of us kept saying to each other “You’re seeing this right?! “ How awesome to find another group who has witnessed this phenomenon!????????

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