Fast UFO filmed over Groningen, Netherlands 2022

This really fast unidentified flying object was filmed over Groningen, a city in the northern Netherlands on 25th June 2022.

What do you think about it?

Witness report: I hope somebody with a pro video edit can watch it and then say what it is.. because i don’t know yet what it is, in my video. maybe somebody from Mufon ? can anybody help me ? very strange, if it was space debri it would hit the ground i think and in the news, its going to fast for a drone, its 40 times 24 fps. my video is a slomo from samsung 20fe i was trying to make slomo videos from lightning but got this on video.
960fps in 1 sec video, it’s going way to fast for a drone, and to big for a bird or bug in the storm going true the clouds in almost straight line, in thunder weather. very fast. maybe it bends off a tiny bit. its just going too fast, and a bug is not going true a cloud in stormy weather. i have no idea what it is but looks the same as in U.K video
very strange! my video is made on 25-06-2022. 14:08 and did not edit the video.


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