Same UFO filmed over 4 different locations over United States (Pennsylvania, New York, Texas) YESTERDAY

Check out this UFO video of 5 sightings of the same UAP over different locations in USA. What do you think this object was? Filmed yesterday (on 24th September 2022).

Witnesses reports:

Wilkes-Barre, PA
Witnessed a slow flying orb like object which appeared to be followed, then passed by a helicopter. While walking my wife and I observed a orb like object flying slow in the sky which seemed to have an aurora around it and seemed to leave a trial. We also observed a helicopter following behind it which youll see in the video eventually passed under the object. Shortly after, the object seemed to vanish as if it passed threw a portal or something. We filmed the object for approximately 1 minute. There was absolutely no clouds in the sky. It was a cool clear 54 degrees at the time.

Staten Island, NY
Slow moving object high altitude blue comet like cloud tail. Looked like entering atmosphere. Was on my nightly walk, I always look up at the sky on a clear night. I walk to Gateway park in Staten Island NY. I have seen many shooting satellites and other identifiable aerial events. This area is secluded and dark for the suburbs. On my way there on 9-24-22 at approximately 7:45 pm (dusk) I saw an object at a high altitude roughly at a 40-45 degree angle slowly appearing to enter the atmosphere. It was a small blue glowing pill sized object omitting a large cloud comet like tail. I quickly accessed my phone to film the last 35-40 seconds. I observed it for roughly over 1 min total what looked like entry time. A week earlier I observed a glowing orange ball object around the same area. This video may be explainable, however many years star gazing I have never seen anything like it.

Forestport, NY
Ariel light moving in night sky. Northerly direction, uniform speed. Spot light that seemed to e moving and shingles it’s beam Iin various directions. There was virtually no engine or other sound.

Hanover, PA
Me, my son, and a parking lot of people seen a ufo. “I include the ufo video and a video of a plane we saw right after for reference” the plane blinks. Me and my son went to lowes for holloween supplies we pulled in right as it got dark outside. We see a family with kids shouting and recording something in the sky. That’s wen we saw it and I ran to my truck and grabbed my phone to record. I was in shock with excitement and didn’t wanna frighten my 5 year old son, but I was convinced this was a real ufo “I have thousands of hours of scientific lectures under my belt lol”. It was a hazy night so we hung out and waited for a plane so we could get a reference and they do not compare at all. And if you zoom in on the object and go frame by frame you can see it shoot off to the right at a incredible speed at the exact same time it looked like it simply dissapeard. It did not vanish but it actually flew off what looked to be faster than the speed of light. My only regret is not running out from under the parking lot lights that severely messed the video up, but I couldn’t due to having my son in a busy parking lot.

Rutherford, NJ
Bright light with triangular bright light behind. The object’s tip appears like a diamond. Flying north east. It had a bright tail behind that open up into a wide < shape like. There were airplanes going to land at Newark airport but they were flying lower and had distinguishable lights and sound. The object was very visible. Steady flight path. Clear sky and after 30 seconds disappeared. Other stars were visible in the sky. Very unusual. Others are posting seeing it.


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  1. Another Space X launch. Looks identical to all the other ones posted here.

    [ September 24, 2022 ] SpaceX launches another successful Starlink mission from Florida Falcon 9.

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