UFO sighting filmed from a plane over Los Angeles, CA 19-Sep-2022

Check out this interesting UFO footage that was filmed from a plane over Los Angeles in California on 19th September 2022.

Witness report: Flying fro Houston to Los Angeles, California. While approaching LA (before cabin lights were turned on), I noticed two stacked red cubes, one on top the other, as I sat on the left side of plane in the window seat row 8. Nose of the plane pointing Towards the ocean. Thinking they were helicopters I did not pay much more attention to them. I did however think they were helicopters heading south/ southwest. Like I said, I did not think to much of it.
The announcement came over the intercom saying we’re we’re preparing to land and the cabin lights came on.
Looking out the window again I notice the lights again. Still bright red and still stacked. But this time I noticed they were still in the same spot!
Very curious now, I begin to rub on the window to make sure it was not an optical allusion. I also looked at it through upper , lower, left and right sides of the window to be sure that the double window pane was not causing an optical allusion. At this point we’re about 20 minutes from landing so I decided to begin Video with my I phone.
In the video I try to zoom in and out, trying to get the best picture but the cabin light causes problems as you will see in the first couple of minutes but last few seconds I captured the stacked two bright red cubes morphed into one bright red circular ball(I thought I saw yellow in there as well).
At this point I was amazed to se it fade into nothing. IT JUST DISAPPEARED!

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