Actual 8-Second Footage Of UFO Landing At Holloman Air Force Base

Due to the increasing number of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) by military aircrews, the US Senate Select Committee for Intelligence has renamed these phenomena as “unidentified aerospace-underwater phenomena.” This clarifies the scope of the agency’s investigations. For instance, the incident involving the Holloman Air Force Base occurred in May 1971.

Due to the nature of the incident, the government only released 8 seconds of the footage that it had captured during the incident to Robert Emenegger, a film maker. The base where the incident occurred is located in New Mexico. It is about six miles southwest of Alamogordo, and is known for being one of the US Air Force’s facilities in the state.

Robert Emenegger
Robert Emenegger

In 1971, Emenegger and Allan Sandler were invited by the government to discuss the possibility of a UFO sighting at the Norton Air Force Base in California. The two were then tasked with creating a documentary about the incident.

No official explanation has been given as to why the government allowed the release of secret footage of the incident for the purpose of a documentary film. It’s believed that the Nixon administration wanted to show its scientific capabilities during the 1972 presidential election.

According to Emenegger, the Air Force officials who invited him to their base promised him that they would get the real footage of the incident. The footage showed the extraterrestrial visitors emerging from the craft that approached the base. Despite his skepticism, the Air Force still gave him the footage as authentic.

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Paul Shartle, a military official, claimed in a 1988 television broadcast that he saw three disc-shaped objects in the 16mm film. One of them landed on the surface of the surface, while the others flew away.

Two of the objects landed on the surface of the ground, while the third one flew away. Although one of the objects appeared to be in trouble, it managed to land on multiple pods. It also had a sliding door that was extended, and three extraterrestrials emerged from the craft. They were reportedly human-sized, and they wore tight-fitting clothes that looked like they were wearing communication devices.

The government allowed Emenegger and his production team to access top-secret files at the Department of Defense. They were also able to take help from some of the military officials who were involved in the UFO phenomenon. Some of these include William Coleman, a colonel from Project Blue Book, and George Weinbrenner, the head of the Foreign Technology division at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

According to Emenegger, the aliens appeared to be human-sized and had vertical slits in their eyes. They also reportedly had thin and slitlike mouths. The Air Force was supposed to provide him with a film of the incident, but it was denied due to the “Watergate Scandal.” Despite this, Emenegger and Sandler were still asked to describe the incident as a hypothetical event.

Holloman High Speed Test Track

After months of research and production, Emenegger felt cheated when the government decided not to allow him to use real footage from the incident. In 1974, he released his documentary, which was nominated for a Golden Globe award. The film was praised for its innovative use of data provided by the Department of Defense. Emenegger was also forced to add an animated version of the alleged incident that happened at the Air Force’s Wright Patterson Base.

According to Emenegger, the alleged footage was not completely missing from the original film. He noted that some of the frames used during the reconstruction process were taken from the footage that was provided by the Air Force. The viewers were able to see a bright disc moving in the distance as it flew toward the Holloman region.

VIDEO: Robert Emenegger on using actual footage from a UFO landing at Holloman AFB for his 1974 documentary

In 2017, Grant Cameron, a UFO researcher, held an interview with Emenegger in his hotel room during the Alien Cosmic Expo in Toronto. He discussed the film “The Incident” and its alleged footage of an alien landing at the Holloman Air Force Base.

During the interview, Emenegger revealed that he was able to provide a key story that proved that the government was not covering up the incident.

In 1973, Pentagon approached Emenegger and Alan Sandler, two film producers based in Los Angeles. They asked them to make a documentary about the alleged alien landing. Emenegger, who was a skeptic at that time, was asked what he thought about the incident. He then said that the Air Force had provided him with footage of the alleged alien ship landing. After Emenegger provided the security manager of the base with the footage, he was allowed to use it in his documentary.

After seeing the documentary, Cameron noted that there were eight seconds of the alleged footage from the air force base in the film. He then contacted Emenegger to discuss the matter.

Video: Holloman Air Force Base UFO landing

Emenegger noted that the footage did not show anything. However, he was allowed to use the small portion to imply that the incident happened. The classified portion of the footage was then removed.

The film was then re-released in 1979 with additional footage and new information. Film director Jacques Vallée added several minutes of narration. He also talked about the ancient astronaut theory.

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