Security guard Pier Fortunato Zanfretta’s alien abduction experience, Italy, 1978 – hypnosis tape

On the night of December 6, 1978, a security guard named Pier Fortunato Zanfretta was found in a terror-stricken state near the country house known as Casa Nostra in Marzano of Torriglia, which is in Genoa, Italy.

Upon waking up, Zanfretta said he saw a massive alien that looked like a flabby suit. He then said he saw an alien ship that looked like a massive triangular shaped object. After a few minutes, the alien flew away. During a recurring hypnosis session, the man said he was dragged inside the alien ship and subjected to an intense examination.

An investigation by the military police, known as the Carabinieri, revealed that 52 people saw a large flying saucer in the sky that evening. They also found a three-meter-long mark in the meadow where the security guards found Zanfretta. The incident has left the people of Torriglia still thinking about the third kind.

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