UFO with 6 lights hovering above Hallandale Beach, Florida

These UFO lights were seen and recorded in the night sky above Hallandale Beach, a city in southern Broward County, Florida. This event happened back on June 1st, 2021 but it was just today published online through MUFON’s website.

Witness report: I was sitting outside with my cousin when we noticed an object with panels of lights slowly ascending in the sky. As the object got higher it dissipated and disappeared into the clouds.

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Link: youtube.com/c/SputnikUFO
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  1. Real,
    They are everywhere.
    Seen them my whole life. I’m 60 now.
    The curtain is about to open.
    Enjoy the show everyone.
    There will only be a first time for everything in life.
    Two things though.,
    Don’t trust or listen to, 1 .n.a.s.a.
    2 uncle sam

  2. A very interesting sighting case, similar to the lights of Hessdalen in Norway … I would say one of the best documented cases of UFO observation in the sky.

  3. I have better videos of the same object over Hallandale Beach. It was rotating over Hallandale Beach Blvd. same object. It was stationary near my condi for about a 1/2 hour. Ritating, changing color

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