Weird UFO activity caught on tape over Las Vegas, Nevada YESTERDAY

Here’s one long UFO footage of some strange activity that was filmed in the sky over Las Vegas in Nevada yesterday. Check out the witness report and let us know in the comments what you think about this sighting!

Witness report: There were two bright white lights orb shaped which appeared to be a larger craft. These two lights would emit smaller red lights that would form in the middle of the craft and then veer off to the south skies. There were over 25+ red lights which left the craft. Some would return. It stayed there for over 5hrs.

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  1. it would be nice if the guy that took this video went back and took a daytime video of the same location, that way we can understand if it was in the sky or if it was in the mountains. then I can determine if this is a UFO or not, other than that it is pretty cool

  2. As if some great big unidentified aerial craft would be spawning other smaller uac – for five hours, no less – and not a single military/government intercept/investigating unit would arrive at the scene.

    Sure – THAT would happen. Think not.

    • I get your point. Has anything come out in the news? Any debunks for this? Such a weird thing to see. Anyone else who was driving by see anything from other angles?

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