Amazing footage! Mothership UFO releasing smaller UFOs over the Moon!

This fascinating UFO footage of some kind of a mother ship releasing a smaller UFOs over the surface of the Moon. This was filmed from New Jersey in early November 2022. Author said they have used a 500MM lens with a digital X2 on a gyro stabilized mount and that was the quality they had.

Check out the video below and let me know in the comments what you think about it!

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  1. Could be real, but 2 questions for me: 1) why stop filming so fast? There has to be more footage… and 2) Did they just randomly zoom in and it was just there? Or did they see it with the naked eye before and decided to film then?
    That’s why won’t make up my mind yet. Anyone know a full video or interview about this? Cheers!

  2. Great video, I’d love to know. What type of telescope, camera. This person, used, to take this. And, it’s Amazing, that they. Happened upon, this,as it was occuring. ????

  3. When will people smartin up and realize we are not alone in the universe. Our visitors have been here for thousands of years. Dozens of countries including Great Britain and former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellier have admitted that UFOs do exist.

  4. The same footage from two different channels. The one from youtube says “UFO CAPTURED ABOVE THE Moon (Huawei P40 pro plus 5G)”. And its dated May 2021.

  5. UFOs and USOs are real. They are advanced technology in the third or forth generation pioneered by the Germans in late WWII. They are ETs alright but very human and very Aryan. This is the biggest secret: wwII isn’t over yet. A bright spherical object shown on some videos of the 11-12-22 aircraft crash moving faster than the planes took control of the P-63 and crashed it into the bomber. I suppose the real victors of the war did not like this years display of hubris by the Allies. They will strike when we least expect it.

  6. Without full details and provenance (who, how, when, where, what), you gotta start with “It’s a fake”, then work backwards. They do have some reference data, but it’s not complete. Other posts explain what’s missing (besides the guy’s name and address..).

    The little girl pretending to be a spokesmodel is unnecessary, but lovely. The stupid banner covering the footage has GOT TO GO!

    Looks real, except the size of these vehicles is enormous – miles long! – and they seem to move too fast to do so safely. If it’s fake, it’s done fairly well, save for the comments above (but this would be easy for someone who knows Final Cut/ After Affects).

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