Officials who have knowledge about UFOs in the US could soon come forward without fear of retaliation


Due to a new bill, officials who have knowledge of or experience with sightings of UFOs in the US could soon come forward and share information about the phenomenon without fear of retaliation.

According to a report by WTOP, the annual defense authorization bill that the US Congress passes could include language that will allow former and current government employees to discuss their experiences with unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. The provision was approved in July 2022.

Although the House passed the bill, the Senate has not yet taken up the issue. As the leader of the House’s minority party, Kevin McCarthy said that he would like to see the legislation delayed until the following year.

Author and UFO investigator Richard Lang said that he has been in touch with several individuals who have information about UAPs that they would like to share if the legislation passes. He noted that if the bill passes, many of these individuals will start talking about their experiences.

According to Swiatek, the passage of the bill will hopefully bring some fresh air to the subject of UAPs. In addition, it will allow authorities to thoroughly investigate these phenomena.

It has been a long journey for Bill Cooper, a former Navyman who became known as a conspiracy theorist. Despite the cost, he decided to speak out about his experiences with UAPs.

According to Pale Horse Rider, Cooper and other crew members of the USS Tiru spotted an unidentified aerial object that was about the size of a football field that repeatedly entered and exited the water. However, despite the reports, authorities did not find anything suspicious.

For the first time since his encounter with UAPs, Cooper started talking about his experiences with the phenomenon in 1988 through the Paranet platform, a paranormal bulletin board. He then became acquainted with John Lear, the author of the book “The UFO Coverup.” Lear’s father was Bill, the founder of Learjet, which was one of the planes that the CIA used during the time of the incident.

Cooper and Olson later worked together to create an indictment against the US government for allegedly negotiating with extraterrestrials. Their goal was to make the reported sightings less of a story about a campfire and more of a political action.

This month, Joerg Arnu, the owner of a website that is related to Area 51, had his home raided by the FBI. He said that around 15 to 20 agents from the FBI and the Air Force were involved in the search. The two homes that Arnu and his girlfriend lived in were located in Nevada, which is the state that is known for its UFO-rumored area.

During the raid, the officers reportedly forced their way into one of the homes and took the elderly residents outside. According to Fox News, they then handled them in a disrespectful manner. Arnu then spoke with an attorney about the incident. He noted that the attorney was a specialist in federal cases.

After going through the ordeal, he believes that the incident has a bigger story. He and his girlfriend were only cooperating with the authorities and were not charged with a crime. He also noted that the FBI failed to provide him with the necessary documents and passwords.

The government officials reportedly had no mercy on the couple. According to Arnu, his girlfriend was led out barefoot and only partially dressed in her underwear as the neighbors looked on. He was also handcuffed and put in a T-shirt and sweatpants.

A spokesperson for the Nellis Air Force Base confirmed that the agency is investigating Arnu. He would not provide further details about the nature of the investigation. In 1999, the Dreamland Resort was established based on his work. The site features aerial photos of Area 51, as well as articles about the alleged existence of a secret US aircraft.

Despite the incident, he decided to maintain the website and continue posting articles about Area 51. He also started a fundraising campaign to replace the items that were taken from his home.

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