FBI raides homes of a famous Area 51 website owner!

Joerg Arnu, owner of Dreamlandresort.com

According to George Knapp, the chief Investigative Reporter for KLAS, the FBI raided Joerg Arnu’s home. He is the owner of a famous website that claimed to have uncovered information about Area 51.

The website claims to have uncovered information about Area 51, which is a secret US Air Force facility located in Nevada. It’s located near the town of Rachel.

The FBI reportedly came after Joerg Arnu, the owner of a website that claims to have uncovered information about Area 51, after serving a no-knock warrant on his home in Rachel. The website, which is called Dreamlandresort.com, is dedicated to covering all things Area 51.

According to George Knapp, a reporter for KLAS, the FBI seized various items from Arnu’s home, including his computers and phones. During the raid, the agents also reportedly held his girlfriend at gunpoint.

On his website, Arnu stated that he did not know why the FBI came after him, and he did not believe that the raid was related to the images posted online. He said that the authorities are still gathering information regarding the incident.

Only George Knapp has reported on this matter. According to Arnu’s website, Dreamlandresort.com, it has been providing the most comprehensive coverage of all things Area 51, including the Black Projects, the Nellis Ranges, and the ET Highway. The site’s 24-year history has been dedicated to providing readers with the latest intelligence regarding this facility. The website’s webmaster is a veteran of Area 51 research and is based in Rachel, Nevada.

George Knapp also hosts Coast to Coast AM

On November 5, Joerg Arnu, the operator of the Area 51 website, posted a message on his website, stating that he was aware of the FBI’s concerns about some of the content on his site. However, he did not believe that posting or collecting information about this facility was illegal.

Due to the situation, some of the content on his website has been removed. However, he did not provide further details regarding the reason for the removal of the content. He said that he was aware of the FBI’s concerns, and he did not want to make any further comment at this time.

In response, he posted another message on his website, stating that he had regained control of his website and assets. He also said that the FBI and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AF OSI) executed search warrants at his home in Rachel and in Las Vegas. Although he did not provide further details regarding the details of the incident, he said that it was very humiliating and tense for him and his girlfriend.

In addition to his computers, phones, and cameras, the FBI also seized various items from his home, including his drones and memory sticks. After the raid, he said that he was left in his home in Rachel without any means of communication. On the other hand, his home in Las Vegas was relatively unscathed.

According to him, each of his homes was visited by around 20 agents, and they were able to search his home and several vehicles. The incident was a spectacle for his neighbors in both Las Vegas and Rachel.

He said that he lost all of his personal data, including his medical records and tax records. He also noted that he was facing thousands of dollars in expenses due to the repairs and replacement of his various electronic equipment. He will be consulting an attorney on Tuesday regarding his next steps.

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He maintained that he did not break the law. However, he noted that the aerial photos of various installations, including Area 51, were frequently found on his website. Because of this, he decided to take down the photos.

According to Arnu, his website had received over 27k hits on Thursday, and he believes that the raid was carried out to send a message to the residents of Area 51. He also noted that the authorities might go further with their investigation.

It is interesting to note that the FBI’s raid on his home occurred just a couple of weeks after NASA established a new team of scientists to study the mysterious phenomena known as UAP. The Pentagon also started a new agency to address the issue of anomalous flying objects.

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  1. The FBI broke the law when they raised this man’s private property. The FBI is just like the government they are funded by OUR tax dollars which makes all their research legally available to all US citizens. The FBI does not own that property, God does. The FBI must now turn all their information without blacking anything out to all the citizens of the United States NOW!!!!!!

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