UFO traveling at 72,000mph and sucking water from Michigan lakes revealed

More than 300 people witnessed a horrific UFO sighting in Michigan on March 8, 1994. Credit: Netflix

More people reportedly saw a UFO in Michigan on March 8, 1994. According to reports, more than 300 people witnessed the incident.

In a recent Unsolved Mysteries episode, a chilling new detail about the incident was revealed. Hundreds of calls were made to the emergency services due to the incident.

Over 300 individuals reportedly saw objects flying in the sky that were capable of screaming at speeds of over 72,000 mph. Two of them said they watched in horror as the UFO sucked out fresh water using a technological feat.

Although the stories about the incident vary from one person to another, the similarities between the descriptions of the objects and the individuals who witnessed it are still apparent.

Reports stated that several objects, including lights, were spotted from various areas near the Great Lake. Reports also stated that the objects moved in a circular path.

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Meteorologist Jack Bushong was working that night at the National Weather Service’s facility in the county airport in Michigan. While he was monitoring the incident, he confirmed that the reports about the UFOs were legitimate.

According to a radio operator, the objects were not airplanes. They were described as being as big as a half-inch thumbnail. They were moving at speeds of up to 12,000 feet. Three of them were heading toward Chicago.

Officer Jeff Velthouse of the Holland Police Department said that he saw multiple objects flying in the sky. He described them as white, green, and red.

Some people claimed that the objects looked like Christmas lights as they flew through the sky. Some campers also said they saw a UFO sucking freshwater using a strange mechanism.

According to Torres, the area around Lake Michigan is regarded as a potential UFO hotspot. The Great Lakes are the largest freshwater sources in North America.

If these objects were flying in the sky and sucking water out of the ground, it could be a case of a UFO using water for its travels. Note that even CIA contractor Ingo Swann shared his amazing story about a UFO sucking up water in Alaska.

After learning about the incident, Bushong met with Michael Swords, an ufologist, to try and solve the mystery behind the objects. The two worked together to create a map gallery that depicted the movement of the UFOs.

Map of the sightings. Credit: Netflix

Despite the number of sightings, the exact nature of the UFOs is still unclear. According to a report by the Chicago Tribune in 1995, officials ruled out various objects such as gas balloons, military aircraft, and small planes.

According to Torres, he and Bushong are working together to try and solve the mystery of the incident. He said that they hope that the public will help them by watching the documentary, which will feature interviews with the ufologist and the people who witnessed the incident. He believes that if the objects were carrying alien life forms, they would have visited Earth to study human life.

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  1. bon reportage très intéressant évidement divulgué bien après les faits et comme d’habitude nous sommes les derniers avertis je me pose la question pourquoi aspirer de l’eau ?

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