What do you think about these UFO’s movements!?

This UFO video was just posted on Reddit recently. It shows a satellite flying across the sky and around it a really fast unidentified flying object. Filmed with 14 inch dobsonian sky watcher telescope (400mm/1900mm).

What do you think about this UFO sighting? Please leave a comment bellow!

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  1. What else could it be? How is anyone to know? Unless the image could be magnified large and clearly enough for possible identification. Can you do that? Invariably assigning these sightings to secret U.S. weapons, dismissing them as computer special effects, or assuming they must be extraterrestrial craft with insufficient information is little more than speculation.

  2. As Our extraterrestrial elders communicate to us by MARKING, that is they speak with a metatransiliatory form of communication, can we only try to guess what they are saying we should be interested in that satellite for?

    As extraterrestrial elders have been pulling every single hydrogen bomb out of the sky that the nuclear war-fighting industrial strength investment grade hobbyists sports have been shooting at us, might we guess there is something concerning the mass death of us involved with that satellite that elders MARKED by stopping near it?

    Might that satellite have a plethora of hydrogen bomb reentry vehicles to surprise us by shooting us hydrogen bombs from an orbiting satellite in outer space?

    Could that be why elders flew up to it and threw the brakes on? Geneva hydrogen bomb Boom booms in orbit purchased with American workers’ income tax receipts?

    Are we getting some idea of the nuclear war-fighting hobbyists’ sports with unlimited free American workers’ income tax receipts? Might we say a prayer to help us understand why God Almighty wills American workers issue our income tax abstract receipts of labor instead of Geneva boom boom sports guys and gals?

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