Are Aliens Spying On NASA With A UFO In The Sky?

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Some people believe that a mysterious circle of light spotted over Houston led them to believe that a UFO was flying over the city.

NASA has a long history with the city of Houston, Texas, and residents are accustomed to seeing strange sights in the sky. However, one particular sighting in August 2014 left many people scratching their heads.

A resident of Houston stepped outside to film a building storm and captured footage of a circle of lights hovering in the sky. The object was clearly visible from the ground and appeared to be large. When the footage appeared online, people speculated about the possible causes of the anomaly. One theory was that it was simply light reflecting off the clouds. Another popular explanation was that it was an example of ball lightning, a rare and mysterious orb of light often associated with thunderstorms. However, the circular shape of the Houston anomaly made this theory unlikely.

As more people reported similar sightings in a range of different conditions, it became clear that the lights were not caused by the weather. Some speculated that the lights could be connected to an advanced NASA craft, such as the LDSD (low density supersonic decelerator), a flying saucer designed to help humans reach Mars. However, it was eventually suggested that the lights were simply street lights reflected off the wet road surface during the storm.

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